Chewable Base


melts in your mouth...

Chewable, orodispersible, and effervescent tablets are modern solid dosage delivery systems that can improve patient or consumer fulfi llment through an attractive mouthfeel and taste. They should be simple to produce with robust ingredients, comply with both pharmaceutical and food regulations, and allow for clean product labeling with natural ingredients.

Invetek’s Chewable Base is an enabling technology for such tablets. Chewable Base consists of spherical uniform particles with excellent fl ow and superior tablet compactibility for direct compression applications. These characteristics, combined with Chewable Base’s pleasant, sweet taste and high solubility, make it the product of choice for directly compressible chewable, lozenge, or effervescent applications.

Invetek’s Chewable Base, a tablet excipient that combines robustness and superb taste with rapid disintegration, offers excellent chemical inertness. It needs a minimum of lubricant and makes table formation surprisingly simple. As well, it offers the consumer a uniquely pleasing taste experience. Chewable Base’s particle structure compacts in a manner that leads to an exceptionally smooth mouthfeel when compared with traditional chewable table excipients.

The excellent compactibility of Invetek's Chewable Base offers the formulator the ability to achieve high tablet hardness at lower compression forces, thereby reducing wear on tableting equipment and tooling. This high compatibility also offers fl exibility in formulating by allowing for high active ingredient while maintaining the necessary tablet hardness.


Compaction- Excellent compaction at relatively low compression force increases hardness making materials well suited for DC tableting operations.

Friability- Extremely low friability at relatively low compression forces for the making of hard durable tablets.

Dilution Potential- Able to carry relatively large amounts of non-compressible material, such as active-ingredient naturally uncompressible powders, while maintaining suitable hardness.

Disintegration- As compression force increases; the disintegration time is not greatly affected, resulting in the reduced or eliminated use of super disintegrants in formulations containing Invetek’s Chewable Base.

Lubrication Sensitivity- Insensitive to over lubrication with Magnesium stearate, providing confidence and robustness in manufacturing operations.