Natural Citrus Blend Flavor Enhancer 


A burst of Refreshment...


Invetek’s Natural Citrus Blend Flavor Enhancer is a superior quality blend of natural fruit acids that dramatically improves the taste profile of any fruit flavored food, fruit juice product, dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, or over-the-counter product. Citrus Blend provides a fresh, full-bodied sourness, significantly improving the palatability of products by increasing the crisp tartness of the flavors utilized.

Invetek’s Natural Citrus Blend Flavor Enhancer will give your products the vibrant taste of real, natural, fresh fruit. In addition, Citrus Blend will increase the perceived strength of your flavorings allowing for the use of less flavoring in the final product.

Invetek’s Natural Citrus Blend is an excellent choice for covering undesirable tastes in dietary supplements and food products that require a highly pleasant, natural fruit flavor profile. Citrus Blend is a superb bitter-taste masking agent for use with active ingredients that impart any harsh, acrid, overly sweet, metallic or astringent aftertastes. Used as an acidulant to adjust the pH, or acidity, of a final product, Citrus Blend creates a round, light sourness comparable to the first bite of a fresh fruit.

Already in use worldwide by several national brand companies, Invetek’s Natural Citrus Blend Flavor Enhancer is creating bold and refreshing products with just the right balance of sweetness and tartness. Supplied only by Invetek, Citrus Blend Flavor Enhancer is superior in quality, approved for in several countries, and is always within precise specifications.