Natural Sweet Flavor Enhancer


Pure Sweetness...


Many products are formulated with high-intensity sweeteners due to serving-size limitations or to meet demands for a reduced caloric content. Of the high-intensity sweeteners available many create undesired bitter or metallic aftertastes and do not replicate the sweetness profile of natural sugar. They vary in taste and usually only provide an initial sweetness that quickly dissipates from the flavor of the product. Invetek’s natural Sweet Flavor Enhancer is effective in solving the taste problems encountered with various sweeteners.

Invetek’s Natural Sweet Flavor Enhancer is the solution for products where improvements in taste and sweetness are required. Its unique properties are used to help maximize the flavor and sweetness profile of products in a wide variety of applications:

Invetek’s Natural Sweet Flavor Enhancer is a flexible ingredient that provides outstanding aftertaste masking properties, sweetness intensification and prolongation, flavor enhancement, and oral sensory effects at very low usage levels. Its slow onset and long duration of sweetness help to round out a product’s sweetness profile while masking many undesirable aftertastes. Its great effectiveness enables formulators to successfully utilize various sweeteners in many applications. The improvements achieved in sweetness intensity and flavor enhancement allow a reduction in usage of the primary sweetener and other flavoring ingredients in a product’s formulation.

Experience has shown Invetek’s Natural Sweet Flavor Enhancer to be very versatile in solving problems with off-flavors in food, beverage, oral healthcare, pharmaceutical, confectionery, and nutraceutical products. It is an essential tool for assisting product developers in overcoming formulation obstacles to satisfy customer preferences. Invetek’s Natural Sweet Flavor Enhancer has a wide range of applications and Invetek’s staff is ready to assist with usage information to aid in the development of your technical application. 


Masked or Eliminated
Undesirable Aftertastes

Effectively masks a wide variety of unpleasant tastes – bitter, astringent, sour, acidic, metallic and medicinal tastes often found in vitamins, proteins, baking related ingredients, botanical extracts, active pharmaceutical ingredients, high-intensity artificial sweeteners, stevia, as well as tastes found in cosmetic lip products.


Intensified and Extended Sweetness

Intensifies and rounds out the sweetness profile of any primary sweetener or highintensity sweetener used in chewing gums, confections, chewable tablets, lozenges, dairy products, beverages, and cosmetics. When used with other ingredients containing natural or artificial sugar substitutes, Natural Sweet Flavor Enhancer extends the sweetness profile uniformly. The resulting more intense sweetness profile can be optimized to reduce the amount of primary sweetener used, resulting in sweetener cost savings.


Enhanced Flavor Profiles and Improved Mouthfeel

Improves taste perception with intensified flavor strength and duration, especially in chewing gums, chewable tablets, and lozenges.

Widely used in low-calorie, and low-fat applications, Natural Sweet Flavor Enhancer enhances the sweet taste of sugar and characteristic taste of other flavors often diminished when formulated to a “light” version of a product.