Our experienced R&D team can help and assist you with any of your needs to develop your dream product. With multiple specialties on our team we can bring insight from ever direction. Having over 40 years of experience in the field and continuous research with new market trends, our insight will greatly benefit your company. Invetek can provide a technically equipped laboratory ready to perform a wide range of formulation research and process analysis. Our customers enjoy working with us because of our flexible model, here are some examples:

  • Help customers develop their high quality product from start to finish

  • Assisting with challenges you may have with the current product and improving existing formulations.

  • Providing raw material and specialized raw material to assist in companies manufacturing of their product.  

  • Validating manufacturing and sanitation processes

  • Troubleshooting issues with tableting and manufacturing of products

  • Implementing cost saving alternative formulations

Ready? Lets Start!

1)      Connect - Simply give us a call or submit an online form. We want to understand your goals, objectives, and consumer target.


2)      Insights - We will have a discussion about all aspects of your current project. Due to our expertise, we will identify areas where we can bring our insight to the table. This is where we focus on consumer trends and analyzing your target customers. By honing in on cost-effective formulations without sacrificing quality, we set out to make the best final products on the market. Finally while examining the purpose of your product and what you would like your customers to gain, we get our medical doctors involved to discuss nutritional and health benefits.


3)      Development - We develop an ideal personalized formulation for your product. In our state of the art lab we work with our flavor chemist, food chemist, pharmacists, and medical doctors to develop an exceptional product. We will provide you with sampling in a timely manner, and based on your feedback we will make necessary changes—with an end goal to make our customers happy.


4)      Product Launch - Once you are happy with the final product, we will be a resource to make it successful. Whether our team has helped you develop a finished good or a specialized raw material for a specific product, we want to see your business do well. Our aim is to be certain you have the best strategy to get your new product out into the market in the most-effective and timely manner, while following all rules and regulations without forgoing quality.



At Invetek we have the facility in making specialized blends due to our rich supply of raw material. We produce blends to help assist our customers in making their ideal products. Our innovative formulation and processing technologies include roller compaction, precise triturations, filtermat technology, and unique drying processes that ensure product uniformity, potency and batch-to-batch consistency. We also have multiple high quality V-blender to produce blended products in high or low quantity for our customers.

Additionally, due to our many years of experience in the industry we love to assist our clients with advice when marketing their products. Our knowledge in versatile fields with multiple specialist on our team which has allowed us to help our customers in selling top market brands.


Meeting Quality Standards

The core of our success and committed customers comes from our high-quality control when it comes to our products. Our main goals is to maintain the purity, potency, quality, and safety of the product while providing our customers with competitive prices and service in a timely manner. Regulatory and industry pressures are demanding as they are always increasing their higher quality standards and consistency for nutritional, flavoring, food, beverage, and herbal products. We make it certain that we keep our-self up to date. Invetek follows current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) in order to assure top-notch quality products for our customers. Additionally, our micro-biology lab will test each raw material ingredient for quality and purity.

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