About Us


from the beginning…

Invetek Inc, has been a family-owned business with our main office in Tustin, California. Invetek, Inc was founded in 1995 by Registered Pharmacist, Manoj Saraiya, with a vision to offer pharmaceutical research services to nutraceutical companies. 

Mr. Saraiya has over forty years experience in formulation and process development, as well as expertise in testing, evaluating and selecting high quality ingredients, excipients, colorants and flavors.

Recognized in the world as one of the top product developers and researchers, Mr. Saraiya holds patents on specialty, potent, raw material and other manufacturing processes that are currently used in some of the major national-brand products. These products include a list of well-known daily multivitamins and drug products. He and his team have developed major brand products which have exceeded $200 million in annual sales and licensing revenue world wide.

At Invetek, our customers are of utmost importance to us. We strive hard everyday to make our customer’s happy. Our customer’s satisfaction is a reflection of our business and team.